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About Us

Funworld has been in business since 1990.
As a small to medium based company the commitment to the needs of our client is of paramount importance.  Funworld strives to keep all client relationships agreeable and satisfying.
Funworld has been structured bearing black economic empowerment policies, equal equity and previously disadvantaged individuals in mind.
Funworld endeavours to reflect the demographics of South Africa’s rainbow nation.  We embrace the diversity of our different cultures and strive for continuous improvement in this regard.
Now your brand has been established by using our formulae of school projects , special events / promotional
Our marketing strategy needs to include schools in the equation to ensure that a target market is successfully permeated.
The most effective way to achieve credibility is through education.
Education is an area in South Africa that is gravely lacking and to assist the education department is seen as a worthwhile social responsibility programme.
Schools are ideal in the sense they reach a large amount of children at one venue.
Children at schools are a captive audience
School environment lends itself to believability I.e. re-enforces believability (children tend to believe what they learn at school)